Property Assessment Appeals

Property Assessment Appeals

Property Assessment Appeals Q&A:

We’ve been receiving numerous phone calls and questions re: the new assessments that went out in March 2023 for Beaver County properties. Hopefully this Q&A can clear up some of the confusion and questions we’ve been receiving and help taxpayers get more information on the process!

Q: What is the “Tentative Property Value”?

A: The tentative property value is the value attributed to your property by Beaver County via their contracted company, Tyler Technologies. This value is NOT your tax amount and does not include any type of exemptions, such as the homestead exemption. 

Q: What should I do with my Tentative Property Value informational form? 

A:  The question each taxpayer needs to ask is, “Could I sell my property for this tentative value price?” If your tentative value is $100,000.00, then think about whether you could sell your property for $100,000.00 to a bona-fide third party. If yes, you’re most likely assessed correctly. If no, you’re most likely not assessed correctly. 

Q: If I have my tentative property value, how do I determine my taxes?

A: You can’t. We all need to see what the County millage rate will be to determine your taxes. 

Q: When will I know the millage rate for the County?

A: Tentatively, I’ve been told we will be receiving millage rates May 1, 2023. The expected millage rate is 3.5 mills. 

Q: What is the formula to determine my taxable amount? 

A: Specifically, the formula is as follows:

Tentative Property Value/1,000 x MILLAGE RATE = New Tax Amount

The new millage rate is projected to be 3.5 mills, which means a $100,000.00 house would be taxed as following:

$100,000.00/1,000.00 = 100 x 3.5 = $350.00 county tax. Divide this by 12 months and you would get $29.16 of county tax due per month. 


Q: My tentative value amount is too high. What do I do?!

A: I would start with scheduling the informal review with a representative from Tyler

Technologies. Their information and the informal review information is listed on the Tentative Property Value notice you recently received. During this informal meeting, Tyler Tech will collect more information on your property to determine if the tentative value is accurate or not. If your value is still too high, then you may end up filling an appeal. 

Q: If I’m still unhappy with my taxes after receiving t he millage rate, how do I file an appeal on my property taxes? 

A: Tentatively, the appeal period will open on July 1, 2023. During the appeal period, you would need to file an appeal. The forms will almost assuredly be available in the County Assessor Office or mailed to individual taxpayers. 

Q: What will the appeal consist of?

A: The first appeal will be in front of a Board of Viewers (BOV) who will be a panel consisting of real estate professionals and lawyers who will hear your appeal. At the time of your BOV appeal, you should bring your comparable properties (at least 3), photos of your home, and proof of any unique features of your home which you believe entitles you to a lower tax burden. 

Q: What if my value remains unchanged (or worse goes up!) after the BOV hearing? 

A: You will file an appeal to the Court of Common Pleas (and yes, your tax burden can go UP OR DOWN pending on the results of the BOV hearing)

Q: Should I get an attorney to help me with this process?

A: Yes! We believe having effective representation will assist greatly in this process. While each property owner knows their own property the best, having an attorney help guide the process and provide expertise on evidence and procedure is the best path for success. 

Q: What if you determine that my property value is not worth appealing?

A: We will be upfront and tell you at your consultation that we do not believe your property is worth appealing. As always, we will always be honest with you, even if it is not what you want to hear. 

Q: When can I schedule a consultation to review my property taxes?

A: Now. The sooner we get you scheduled, the more time we have to prepare. We do not know if your property will need appealed without the millage rate, but we can begin that process to start collecting information now. 

*Nothing in this is legal advice and should not be construed as such. 

Please consult with counsel prior to taking any legal action*

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